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22 DECEMBER 2020 | 10:30 - 12:30 (CET)
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Niki Nikolaou.jpg

Niki Nikolaou

Director at Contentworks 


With over 25 years of marketing experience, Niki has an extensive background within the forex and cryptocurrency sector. Niki is a founder and director at


Naeem Aslam

Chief Market Analyst at AvaTrade; Columnist at Forbes


Naeem is a former hedge fund trader with over 10 years of experience in investment banking, he is a regular guest with all tier one media such as CNBC & Bloomberg. He is also a columnist with Forbes, where he plays a role of influencer by covering Fintech and blockchain. He has spoken at the headquarters of the European Parliament on the subject of blockchain and its adoption. Currently, he is working as Chief Market Analyst with AvaTrade and Columnist with Forbes US. Moreover, Naeem has guest lectured at the most prestigious universities in the UK such as The London School of Economics, The Warwick University and The University of Leeds. He is a member of the European Blockchain Observatory & Forum and a core advisor to Global Blockchain consortium


Jameel Ahmad

Director of Investment Strategy at NAGA


Jameel Ahmad is a very well respected investment strategist and corporate ambassador with a wealth of expertise in the financial markets and fundamental analysis. Joining NAGA as Director of Investment Strategy, Jameel will help strengthen the fintech company’s footprint in Europe,

Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

With nearly a decade of experience in the financial markets, Jameel’s main specialty being global markets, currencies, commodities and emerging markets. He is a frequent contributor and speaker on top-tier media channels. He is relied on for his fresh, straightforward approach to fundamental analysis and the financial markets.


Milica Nikolic

Head of Brokerage at fxview


Milica is an excellent panel contributor with 11 years financial market experience. Milica has worked in FX Dealing, Sales, Retention, Risk Management and Platform development, as both a broker and a technology provider, resulting in a broad market perspective. Her experience includes 5 years at Reuters servicing institutional clients and 6 years in retail FX in Cyprus, Sydney and London. Milica speaks at seminars and training events in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Dubai, London, Russia & online


Ricardo Evangelista

Senior Analyst / International Desk Manager / Senior Executive Officer at ActivTrades


With over a decade of experience in the financial markets, Ricardo Evangelista has been at ActivTrades for 9 years, having held various roles, including Executive Director (Dubai Branch). He is currently a senior financial markets analyst, with participation in Bloomberg TV and radio, CNBC and RTP, among others. His analysis and opinion articles have been published by several media, including Reuters Agency, The Guardian, Le Figaro, Corriere della Sera and several others.


Stephen Innes

Chief Global Market Strategist at Axi


With more than 25 years of experience trading both voice and electronic markets, Stephen has a  deep-seated knowledge of  G10 and  Asian currency markets as well as precious metal and oil markets. He is regularly called upon by leading TV, radio, and print publications to offer his views on the financial markets and appearing extensively on global news channels such as Bloomberg, BBC, Reuters, CNBC, Sky TV, AuzBiz  Channel News Asia, CNN, France 24 and ASTRO Awani. As well his is published in prestigious publications, the New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, AFP, AP, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist, among others.

Ildiko Gyimesi.jpg

Ildiko Gyimesi

Director of Business Operations at GTH Translation


Being at GTH for nearly two years, Ildiko has been the go-to person Forex companies have turned to when they need their websites, email campaigns, and more translated and fully localized. Being a veteran of the FX world, Ildiko knows what it takes to spearhead an entry into a new geo. She’s the no-nonsense person you want in your corner if you’re looking to target a new region. Why? Because she’s a straight talker and gets to the point, which is what’s needed in the industry. Whether you’re looking for your Forex site to be translated and thoroughly localized, or whether you need professional FX content created, Ildiko’s the person you turn to. Come say “hi” at the event!

Andria Charalambous.jpg

Andria Charalambous

Sales Manager at GTH Translation


For over a year and a half now, Andria has been the Sales Manager at GTH, and in that time, she has been empowering forex brands with all their localization, content, and voiceover needs. With GTH being the leading Unified Localizations Provider in the FX industry, Andria continues to serve a multitude of Forex brokerages on a daily basis. Being on the frontline has given her the experience to excel and meet all the demands of one of the fastest-paced industries in the world. Andria is on hand to answer any questions and can definitely advise you on how to better localize your Forex brand.

Daniel Whiteside.jpg

Daniel Whiteside

Sales Manager at GTH Translation


Even though Daniel has just started out at GTH, we’re already seeing his phenomenal growth and potential as one of the leading Sales Managers here at GTH. When it comes to understanding all the nuances of localizing your Forex brokerage, Daniel is your go-to person as he knows what it takes to reach the right traders and partners. With his background being in sales and within the finance sector, Daniel has the experience needed to enhance your brand by pinpointing what it needs to grow. Daniel can’t wait to tackle any Forex localization questions you throw at him, so come to the event prepared!

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