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Keynote Speaker - Noémie Papp

Updated: May 6, 2020

Expert panelist Noemie Papp from EBF attending the 6th Nextgen Payments Forum

Digital transformation in Payments and Beyond

The push and pull of the payments industry continue as certain key technologies and

regulations pave the way for innovation and digitalization.

Are we ready for PSD2 & APIs?

Is the role of partnership, cooperation, and competition crucial to follow the transformation?

Noémie Papp, Head of Digital & Retail, European Banking Federation will provide some insight and answers to these questions as well as explore the emergence of a new ecosystem and regulatory response and focus on Instant Payment as a game changer.

Noémie is attending the 6th Nextgen Payments Forum next month in the lovely Island of Afrodite (Cyprus) to address these topics through a Keynote on Day 1 titled: The digital transformation - Payments and beyond. For more information on the Forum and exclusive speaker line up visit www.mpf2019 or feel free to Download the Agenda

The European Banking Federation Since the beginning, the European Banking Federation has actively worked on the digital transformation of the industry and successfully positioned banks as a crucial building block of the EU Digital Single Market. It is very important that legislation needs to keep up with fast change and luckily many regulators and policymakers are putting the main aspects of financial technology on the agenda.

In its work, the EBF pleads for a regulatory environment where all financial services providers can offer innovative and technology-driven products while guaranteeing consumer protection and security and financial stability.

The Forum

Organised by Qube: The 6th Nextgen Payments Forum, taking place on 04-05 April 2019 is the 6th consecutive Forum within the Global Payments Series. Set to address the online payment ecosystem, upcoming regulatory reform (PSD2) pushing for Open Banking, TPPS & Fintech/Traditional Banking collaboration, Cyber Security & Resilience and all-new, AI & Data-driven innovations.

For more information visit or contact via

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